About Us

Music Nostalgic is made to ”celebrate” the music that has been a big part of my life so far. Growing up in a non-musical home (I can’t remember my parents listening or commenting music as a kid) I for some reason found interest in music from early on. I remember sitting in our living room very close to the radio listening to a favourite program while the rest of the house were still sleeping.

In my professional life I have worked with music for many years first in a music retail store and later with EMI Music and Sony Music. Being out of the music industry for many years now I have observed that I do not buy that much new music anymore. I still love music but use what I have already standing on the shelves (yes I know I am oldfashioned still playing vinyl and CDs).

Music Nostalgic is the name because the focus is on music from the past – primarily music from the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. I have discovered that I often return to certain music to set a specific mood, remembering a period or a specific event. – music that at some point has crossed my path in some way. Therefore the name: MUSIC NOSTALGIC. Being born in 1972 I have discovered a great part of this music through my professional life in the music industry where my music horizons were expanded to older tracks and artist as well as categories I have not listened to before.

Hope you enjoy either you take a trip down your own memory lane or just look around for music inspiration from the past.