Blur – Parklife (1994)

Parklife by Blur was my gateway into BritpopParklife by Blur hit me hard and as I remember it was my primarily gateway into loving the Britpop music scene. The song has a fantastic laidback mood with a great melody and of course the voice of Damon Albarn. Also the video to the song is great fun giving us the life in an English suburb. The lyrics also present the daily life saying:

I get up when I want except on Wednesdys

When I get rudely awakened by the dustmen

I put my trousers on, have a cup of tea

And I think about leaving the house

A fun way to show tell the story about a person with very doll life. Or maybe Blur what to point the attention to the huge amount of unemployed people? But this is as I see it what many Britpop groups do – tell about the life of people living “ordinary” life witch is more daily routines then exciting lifes.

Parklife was a big hit in my country and can be found on the album with the same name.

Highest chart position: UK#10

Blur was one of the most important Britpop bands


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