Beautiful South – Don’t Marry Her, Have Me (1996)

Beautiful South 1996 single Don't marry her, have me

Beautiful South made a fantastic bitter sweat song called Don’t Marry Her, Have me. This is a love song with a quite different source than is usually seen. The song is about a woman who want her lover to leave his wife to be with her instead. Her most profound argument to leave his future wife is that he will get bored with her in their everyday life.

In my ears this is a typical Beautiful South song with a kind of melancholy sound to it. On the other hand we only hear the voice of Jacqui Abbott with no sign of Poul Heaton – they often sing different vocal parts and in this way share the spotlight of Beautiful South.

The song originally included the word “fuck” – and what a disaster, it had to be changed (probably to avoid the sensorship and get radio air time I assume). The original titel was Don’t Marry Her, Fuck Me. Or perhaps this was just a trick played by the Beautiful South to get more media publicity.

Don’t Marry Her, Have Me is on the album Blue is the colour.

Highest chart position: UK singles chart#8.

Band photo Beautiful South

Darlene Love – Christmas baby please come home (1963)

Christmas, baby please come home by Darlene Love

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love is about as traditional as a christmas song can be. The scene is set with all the right christmas elements like snow falling, church bells and happy people. But one person is longing for her/his love to come home for christmas remembering the fun they had last year.

Nice tune and although produced by Phil Spector it is not overdone or greased in a lot of effects. Maybe a little sad song to invite the christmas spirit in but still its part of my chritsmas songbook.

Darlene Love sang Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) on a compilation by various artist called A Christmas Gift For You.

Darlene Love singing in concert

Doctor And The Medics – Spirit In The Sky (1986)

Spirit In The Sky is a one hit wonder by Doctor And The MedicsI can not remember why on earth I bought Spirit In The Sky by Doctor And The Medics on a 7” vinyl. To this day my only suggestion is that I saw the single cover and went: “Hey, they look like originals. Let me buy this just to show everyone how big a young rebel I am”. Not being a rebel at all this is stupid but at some point I was trying to be – but never was…
Listening to Spirit In The Sky today always make me in a good mood. I will see before me the single cover with extremely high hair and extravagant clothes while singing out:
Never been a sinner, I’ve never sinned.

I’ve got a friend named Jesus.
So you know that when I die.
It’s gonna set me up with the Spirit In The Sky.
Spirit In The Sky is a one hit wonder and can be found on the Doctor And The Medics album Laughing At The Pieces.
Highest chart position: UK Singles Chart #1 and Billboard Hot 100 #69.

Other one hit wonders to sing along to could be either Snow or Mental As Anything.

1980s one hit wonder Spirit In The Sky by Doctor And The Medics

The Shangri-Las – Leader Of The Pack (1964)

Girlgroup The Shangri-Las singing Leader Of The Pack very convincingLeader Of The Pack by The Shangri-Las is to me the typical sound of this period in the 1960s with focus on the vocal in front. The Shangri-Las is an unusual constellation of two pairs of twins – having twins myself this is naturally a relevant knowledge….

I was introduced to the Leader Of The Pack at a party on a summer night probably in the early 1990s. The friend who played it to me was totally focuced on the sound of the motorcycle. He was going: “Hey, listen to this song, it uses the sound of a motorcycle as part of the melody”. We heard the song several times and another friends went: “That is a sad song, the guy on the motorcycle dies in the end”. The answer he got was “Ohhh. But listen, there is the sound from the bike again”. All information lost on him:-).

The Leader Of The Pack can be found on the Shargri-Las album with the same title.

Highest chart position: UK Singles Chart #11 and #1 on Billboard Hot 100.

Other 1960s music favorites are Mamas And The Papas and The Searchers.

The Shangri-Las had several hits in the 1960s including Leader Of The Pack.

Blues Brothers – Rawhide (1980)

Blues Brothers soundtrack with a cover of RawhideJust returned from a short holiday in a rented house listening to The Blues Brothers soundtrack. In the house I found a very obscure CD compilation (called Golden Oldies vol 8) including the theme from Rawhide originally recorded by Frankie Laine together with Sabrina’s Boys (summertime love) – Who on earth found it a great idea to put Sabrina on that compilation? I missed the day when it was decided that Boys was both Golden and an Oldie… But listening to Rawhide made me long for the Blues Brothers soundtrack so back home again I of course give it a listen.

The Blues Brothers is an epic movie starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd that I have seen a number of times. Funny all the way with fantastic guest performances by for instance Ray Charles, James Brown and Aretha Franklin and naturally remembered for its totally absurd but still hilarious car chases. As I remember the Blues Brothers movie Rawhide is played doing a Blues Brothers gig in a country and western bar where they where hired to play some western classics (Hank Williams song I believe). If you have not seen the Blues Brothers movie do it as soon as possibleJ – fun movie and great music on the soundtrack including the theme from Rawhide.

Frankie Laine originally recorded Rawhide in 1959 as a theme for the western series Rawhide.

Here you can see all titles on the Golden Oldies vol 8. More or less a fine collection but what is Sabrina doing there?
What is Sabrina doing on this compilation of oldies?






If you are interested in the Blues Brothers please find more here:
Blues Brothers together with Ray Charles

The Cure – Why Can’t I be You (1987)

Why Cant I Be You by The Cure are just simply fantastic!Why Can’t I Be You is one of my favourites by The Cure and has an ambivalent influence on my mood – it can always make me both happy and sad. It is quite easy going compared to some other songs by The Cure – and you cannot be mad at a song beginning ”You’re so gorgeous I’ll do anything”. But the song is also a bit sad to me because it makes me think that other people have a better life than I have – hence Why Can’t I Be You. But my life is not that bad so no need to complain it is just my brain plying with me!

Why Can’t I Be You by The Cure can be found on the album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.

Take a look at the music video if you dare to see The Cure dressed out as a bear, zebra, Dracula, lips!!! and more. I try avoiding this video simple because these costumes do not match my image of how The Cure look like. But that is of course just I.

Highest chart position: #21 at UK Singles Chart and #54 at Billboard Hot 100.


Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids – Did You Boogie (With Your Baby) (1976)

Did You Boogie (With Your Baby) is a happy song that I sing along toListening to Did You Boogie (With Your Baby) by Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids is really music nostalgia to me. The first time I heard the song was on the radio in 1991 or 1992 – I was trying to study for an exam in my parents home (lying on the couch with my math book, don’t know how intensive study that was). Immediately I fell for the old sound that Did You Boogie (With Your Baby) had and the rest of the day I was humming the chorus as far as I could remember it:

Did you boogie with your baby in the back row of the movie show
And did you boogie there cause you had nowhere else that you could go
And when the lights went way down low
Did you forget about the picture show
Yes, did you boogie with your baby in the back row of the movie show

The song was still on my mind when my exams where over so I tried to find the it via my local record store but it failed because I could not remember the artist Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids (a bit long name if you ask me). By coincidence I years later found it on a 70s hit collection.

So when I want to listen to a happy nostalgic song from my youth to remind me of school and summer Did You Boogie (With Your Baby) is an obvious choice.

Highest chart position: Billboard Hot 100 #29.

Band photo of Flash Cadillac and The continental Kids - Did You Boogie is a happy song in rockabilly style

The Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop (1976)

Punk rock icon Ramones performing Blitzkrieg BopBlitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones is often played in my house to start the weekend with some kickass punk rock. I like The Ramones way to play very simple but really fast punk rock – they do not make it complicated but do what they do best. I have read somewhere that they did not renew themselves in their later years – I agree, but honestly who cares? Listen to their debut single Blitzkrieg Bop and the iconic lyric intro “Hey! Ho! Lets go!” and you are sold to the Ramones universe. And making catchy one-liners and remarkable guitar riffs is what make The Ramones so fantastic to me.

Blitzkrieg Bop is the debut single and can be found on the album just named Ramones. If you want to know how ponk rock started this is the place to explore!

Highest chart position: None – but the song is often named as very influential by rock critics. Some critics even hold that Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones is the punk rock breakthrough.

Playing punk rock iconic Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones

Snow – Informer (1993)

Snow had his one hit wonder with InformerThe reggae inspired song Informer by Snow is really difficult to me. I try to be open to all kind of music believing there is some good stuff to be found everywhere and because we all have different tastes in music (luckily). But some songs I just do not understand and Informer by Snow is one of them!

To me it is an irritating repetition of the word “Informer” a million times – and I know this song is not any worse than many others. But my ears just hear it this way and therefore I dislike the song. Not a part of my record collection anymore I can only wonder why Informer was ever a hit. Fortunately I will place Snow as a one hit worder so the chances of hearing him on the radio are small.

If You for some strange reason would like to hear Snow singing Informer it can be found on the album 12 Inches of Snow.

Highest chart position: UK singles chart #2 and US Billboard Hot 100 #1.

Huge one hit wonder by Snow

Radiohead – Karma Police (1997)

Karma Police is a classic rock song by RadioheadKarma Police by Radiohead is a real classic rock song from a real classic rock band. Fantastic song – not much needed to be said about it! In 2000 I was so lucky to see two Radiohead concerts in Copenhagen performed in a tent that they used for this tour. Both concerts were great and as I recall it the setlist for the two nights were quite different so we got a lot of Radiohead songs performed.

I like the music video where you see a car driving on a dark night. In the headlights appears a figure that the car follows for some time. Finally the figure stop running and faces the car and it looks like he will be run over. But because the car has a leak the man can set it on fire and the video end with flames all around the car (and Thom Yorke has disappeared from the backseat).

Karma Police can be found on the iconic Radiohead album OK Computer.

Highest chart position: UK singles chart #8 and US Billboard Alternative songs #14.

Radiohead Karma Police

The concert tent for Radiohead