Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan (1988)

First We Take Manhattan by Leonard CohenIn 2012 I attended a Leonard Cohen concert. I did not know that many songs by him but I knew First We Take Manhattan which I liked. My girlfriend and I just went to the concert because two colleges cancelled two days before and we got their tickets. OH LA LA what a night. Going to the concert without any expectations at all and going home with one of the very best concert memories of my life. Totally fantastic evening with Leonard Cohen meeting the audience in the sunset like a gentleman holding his characteristic hat to his chest to greet the audience and saluting the musicians on stage. At this time Leonard Cohen was not a young man running around the stage (doubt that he has ever done that) but he does not have to. Cohen has that something special that just drags the audience to him and maintain a so special feeling though his songwriting and his lovely voice. So when the three hour concert was over I was totally blown away because I had not seen this coming – I have been to many concerts in my life but this was truly a special one. My feelings were all over from very emotional to excited to disbelieve in what I just had seen. From that day I was a fan of Leonard Cohen and monday morning I was at the local record store when it opened to get some Leonard Cohen CDs. Actually there where so many great songs that I did not find First We Take Manhattan the very best – it was overtaken by songs like Take This Waltz, Closing Time and Alexandra Leaving among others. So if You are like I was and only knew First We Take Manhattan I can highly recommend that You spend some time to explore the universe of Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen in his classic outfit


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