Mamas And The Papas – California Dreamin’ (1965)

Mamas And The Papas massive hit California Dreamin' coverCalifornia Dreamin’ – oh yes I do dream about it. Never been to California but dream about blue skies, nice beaches and just sitting in the sun with a glass of wine watching the days go by. This song I hear sometime during the winter time when I get a little depressed about the bad weather. I use it to escape to a nice place in my mind where there is pretty and the weather is always nice and warm. And this is what I think music is capable of – that is getting you into a specific mood and escape the real life for just a few minutes.

California Dreamin’ is a cover version but even more know is of course the cover by Beach Boys though I like the Mamas And The Papas better.

Highest chart position: UK# 23 and US#4.

Band photo Mamas And The Papas

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