Radiohead – Karma Police (1997)

Karma Police is a classic rock song by RadioheadKarma Police by Radiohead is a real classic rock song from a real classic rock band. Fantastic song – not much needed to be said about it! In 2000 I was so lucky to see two Radiohead concerts in Copenhagen performed in a tent that they used for this tour. Both concerts were great and as I recall it the setlist for the two nights were quite different so we got a lot of Radiohead songs performed.

I like the music video where you see a car driving on a dark night. In the headlights appears a figure that the car follows for some time. Finally the figure stop running and faces the car and it looks like he will be run over. But because the car has a leak the man can set it on fire and the video end with flames all around the car (and Thom Yorke has disappeared from the backseat).

Karma Police can be found on the iconic Radiohead album OK Computer.

Highest chart position: UK singles chart #8 and US Billboard Alternative songs #14.

Radiohead Karma Police

The concert tent for Radiohead

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