Snow – Informer (1993)

Snow had his one hit wonder with InformerThe reggae inspired song Informer by Snow is really difficult to me. I try to be open to all kind of music believing there is some good stuff to be found everywhere and because we all have different tastes in music (luckily). But some songs I just do not understand and Informer by Snow is one of them!

To me it is an irritating repetition of the word “Informer” a million times – and I know this song is not any worse than many others. But my ears just hear it this way and therefore I dislike the song. Not a part of my record collection anymore I can only wonder why Informer was ever a hit. Fortunately I will place Snow as a one hit worder so the chances of hearing him on the radio are small.

If You for some strange reason would like to hear Snow singing Informer it can be found on the album 12 Inches of Snow.

Highest chart position: UK singles chart #2 and US Billboard Hot 100 #1.

Huge one hit wonder by Snow

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