Earth Wind & Fire – Shinning Star (1975)

Shinning Star by Earth Wind & Fire is a classic funk songShining Star by Earth Wind & Fire is one of my favourite funk songs. The sounds are incredible combining vocals and instruments perfectly to result in a funky classic. In retrospect perhaps I should not be surprised about the high standard knowing that the founder of Earth Wind & Fire was Maurice White who bad been a studio musician at Chess Records playing on recording with legends like Chuck Berry, The Supremes and Muddy Waters among others.

If you ask me the lyrics should be taught in schools to cure all low self-esteem:

“You’re a shining star, no matter who you are

Shining bright to see what you can truly be”

All people should have the right to be a Shining Star in there own lifes.

Listen to Shining Star and get in a better funk mood . The song is on the album That’s The Way Of The World by Earth Wind & Fire. And please find a video with Earth Wind & Fire just to see the fantastic colorful outfit they wear.

Highest chart position: US#1

Earth Wind & Fire - please watch out here come the color family

Steve Miller Band – The Joker (1973)

Cover to Steve Miller Band The JokerThe Joker by Steve Miller Band I sometime around heard in a tv commercial for an “best of” Steve Miller Band cd. I normally do not fall for the commercials on tv but something here got me down to the cd store. That “something” might have been that I knew a few songs and that the sound fit in to my approach to being a little more into rock and wanted to learn more. Looking back I have not heard the album as such but listened to the few songs I already knew – so much for the “I want to learn more” thought in this case (but that is my own fault and not to blame on Steve Miller Band).

Highest US chart position was #1 and the song is often found on lists on ultimate classic rock.

I found The Joker on the Steve Miller Band compilation The Very Best Of Steve Miller Band but is originally on the album also named The Joker.

Highest chart position: UK singles chart #1.

Portrait of The Steve Miller Band