Radiohead – Karma Police (1997)

Karma Police is a classic rock song by RadioheadKarma Police by Radiohead is a real classic rock song from a real classic rock band. Fantastic song – not much needed to be said about it! In 2000 I was so lucky to see two Radiohead concerts in Copenhagen performed in a tent that they used for this tour. Both concerts were great and as I recall it the setlist for the two nights were quite different so we got a lot of Radiohead songs performed.

I like the music video where you see a car driving on a dark night. In the headlights appears a figure that the car follows for some time. Finally the figure stop running and faces the car and it looks like he will be run over. But because the car has a leak the man can set it on fire and the video end with flames all around the car (and Thom Yorke has disappeared from the backseat).

Karma Police can be found on the iconic Radiohead album OK Computer.

Highest chart position: UK singles chart #8 and US Billboard Alternative songs #14.

Radiohead Karma Police

The concert tent for Radiohead

Bachman-Turner-Overdrive – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (1974)

Bachman Turner Overdrive made a classic rock song with You Ain't Seen Nothing YetWhen You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman-Turner-Overdrive was released in 1974 I was only two years old and therefore has heard it long after its massive hit status. I can remember hearing this track on the radio thinking that this sound was very different from what I used to hear. As I still was a kid my brother helped me call the radio to find out who the artist was. A few days later he came home with the single and I screamed “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” many times a day until my family had enough.

This is perhaps my first experience with going back in time to search for music that I like. This is something I like and still do; when I hear a great song I go back to find the album the song was originally on to experience more from the band. Sometimes it reveal hidden gems and sometimes not.

The classic rock song You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet appears on the album Not Fragile by Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

Highest chart position: US Billboard Hot 100 #1 and UK singles chart #2.

Bachman-Turner-Overdrive made You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet a classic rock song


Talking Heads – Burning Down The House (1983)

Burning Down The House By Talking Heads - a classic 1980s rock songBurning Down The House by Talking Heads is a classic rock song from the 1980s. This is probably the biggest Talking Heads hit from a very creative part of their career. Coming from the album Speaking In Tongues the Talking Heads had really find an artistic goldmine. To me this is standing out as a classic rock album that I can always listen to with pleasure. Burning Down The House being on this album makes perfect sense to me because I have no idea what the song is about – so Speaking In Tongues is the right place.

Highest chart position; US #9. In 1999 Tom Jones And The Cardigans made a cover version that hit UK#7.

Please have a look at the video which I think is nice – the colors and the white clothes is what the 80s are all about.

Burning Down The House can be found on the Talking Heads album Speaking In Tongues. But if you like this track check out the album Remain In Light which holds another classic rock song Once In a Lifetime.