Dodgy – Good Enough (1996)

Good Enough by Dodgy is a classic Britpop songGood Enough by Dodgy is part of my BritPop period. I really liked the BritPop bands like Suede, Oasis, Blur, Stereophonics etc. taken all the new styles in music, clothes and attitude and so on in. Building on some of the classisc rock and roll traditions the sound of BritPop was just “Good Enough” to  me for a few years.

Although Dodgy was not one of my favorite Britpop bands the song Good Enough hit something with the easy lyrics and the classic Britpop laidback guitar style. I first met the song on a compilation cd (Shine) that I used to explore BritPop acts that I did not know at the time.

If you want to be Good Enough and remember some classic Britpop listen to the Dodgy album Free Peace Sweet. And Good Enough can also be found on the Sliding Doors soundtrack with Elton John, Dido and Jamiroquai among others.

Highest chart position: UK#4

The Britpop band Dodgy