The Cure – Why Can’t I be You (1987)

Why Cant I Be You by The Cure are just simply fantastic!Why Can’t I Be You is one of my favourites by The Cure and has an ambivalent influence on my mood – it can always make me both happy and sad. It is quite easy going compared to some other songs by The Cure – and you cannot be mad at a song beginning ”You’re so gorgeous I’ll do anything”. But the song is also a bit sad to me because it makes me think that other people have a better life than I have – hence Why Can’t I Be You. But my life is not that bad so no need to complain it is just my brain plying with me!

Why Can’t I Be You by The Cure can be found on the album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.

Take a look at the music video if you dare to see The Cure dressed out as a bear, zebra, Dracula, lips!!! and more. I try avoiding this video simple because these costumes do not match my image of how The Cure look like. But that is of course just I.

Highest chart position: #21 at UK Singles Chart and #54 at Billboard Hot 100.


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